Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas has past and Jarvy and I had a good one. We got to spend Christmas with our nieces so that made it extra fun! We aren't very good about taking our camera anywhere so we didn't get any pictures of them...

Christmas Eve, we met the fam at the temple to see the Christmas lights and look at the nativity. We then had a really nice dinner at Jill's house. Christmas morning consisted of princess dress-ups, princess shoes, tinkerball movies, and tinkerbell panties! Jarvy and I filled each others stockings... Jarvy got his own Cutco hunting knife so now he can finally give his Dad's back! Jarvy got me a couple pairs of Modbe pants that I have been wanting, as well as a new garbage disposal! Only those who have used our old one truly understand what a huge improvement this will be in our house! Who knew one could be so excited about a garbage disposal?! Mark and Jill got us a doorknob for our house that isn't the ugly gold we have now... I am so excited to put it in!

Next weekend, I have work off and my fam will be back from Mexico, so we will be going to Huntington to celebrate Christmas with them. So I'm excited about that and to see them.

I'm so proud of these stockings... My Aunt Evone made mine when I was little and I love it! Monica and I decided we wanted to make one for our spouses and, one day, our kids. So I started making Jarvy's, then my Mom finished it for me. But I absolutely love it!

Jill hand painted this nativity for us one of the first Christmases we were married and this is the first year we could actually display it! I really love it lots!

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sad news!

K! So the saddest thing ever... we got our new appliances and they are beautiful. We ran our dishwasher twice and found it was leaking water like crazy! Our wood floor was seeping up water! Aaaahh! Turns out, the guy who installed it didn't replace a tube or something that he should have. Sears won't cover the damage done to our floor because the guy is contracted from them. Long story short, the guy has to pay to replace our floors out of pocket!

Kinda sad for him, but I guess it was his own fault. So our next project is getting our floor replaced.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Merry Christmas to Me... early!

Jarvy and I decided to get new appliances for our kitchen for Christmas. Jarv battled the crowds on Black Friday to get some good deals on appliances and they were delivered the next week. I am so super excited about them!

Goodbye stinky dish washer, clicky oven, and latch on the fridge!

Halloween 2009

It's a little late... but for Halloween weekend, Jarvy and I spent some time with friends. One of our friends' family owns a lodge out in the middle of nowhere past Minorsville.

It is a blast! We went there last year too. This year, on Halloween night, we all dressed up. We also played some tennis and played lots of board games. It was a really fun time! Here are a few pics...

Our camera has been having issues... so try to ignore the weird flash and quality

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our yard!

I know you all have been waiting to hear an update on our yard... ok, maybe it is just me... but I am so proud to announce that Jarvy, along with so many helping hands (which, thank-you all who helped!), put sod in our yard today! I am so stinkin excited, I can barely stand it! This was our last big project on our fixer-upper house... for a long while anyways! Jarvy has been working super hard on it and it looks beautiful!

Aaahh! I just love it so much!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Senior Games are under way!

Last night Jarvy was a medical volunteer at the softball fields for the Huntsman Senior Games in St G. The games going on last night were the 65+ year old men! Anyways, Jarv ended up with 2 patients. One was a pitcher. He wore a mask and shin guards while he pitched. Well, these old guys were hitting the balls so hard, this pitcher got hit in the shin and his shin guard broke! Those old guys got some power! It may help they can use the Senior League bats like Ultra 2s and whatever, but seriously... I guess this catches my attention because I have a feeling, one day one of those old guys playing will be my cute Jarvy.

He came home in his volunteer shirt and I thought he looked pretty cute.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Melon Days

This last weekend, Jarvy and I met my fam in Green River for the big Melon Days celebration! Jarv was playing in the Melon Days softball tournament (I bet no one saw that one coming...) Jarvy's team ended up taking 4th place; they did really well. We aren't very good at takin pics, but here are a few...

Here's Kris, Dallin, and Jarvy in between games

Look how cute he is all done up in his softball clothes...

Wholy wind-up!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jarvy has been working so hard to make our yard look more than a desolate wasteland! And here is the result of his hard work in the blistering heat...

I am super excited about it! And anyone who has seen our yard truly understands how much this little addition helps! I'm sure our neighbors sure appreciate it too!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Catchin up...

This post may be a little long...

So I wanted to post an updated pic of the final product of our Master Bathroom. I am so proud of Jarv and his work! I think it turned out really well. And I most definitely can't complain about finally being able to use my new jetted tub! Yay!

Also, a couple weekends ago, Jarvy and I went up to Spanish Fork to the big Rodeo! It was fun because I hadn't been to a rodeo in a while and we got to see our fun, crazy nieces! Haylee is 3 and super crazy and fun! The rodeo was a little nippy so we all wore jackets. I had a hoodie... well Haylee spent a good portion of the rodeo tightening my hood strings so there was just a little hole for my face and giggling... Then cute Mikayla is walking all over the place! I just love them so much and get so excited to see them!

Isn't that the cutest face ever?! Pure Innocence! If you only knew... And I'm not talking about Jarvy...

I also was able to spend a couple days at Girls' Camp this past week. That was a good time. I forget how much I liked Girls' Camp and the stinkiness of not showering! Love it! It was good to go and get to know the girls a little bit better. They all have their own personalities and sweet, individual spirits. I wasn't able to be there the whole time, but I was able to be there for the big devotional which made the whole trip completely worth it. It was really nice and I'm super glad I was able to go the little time I did!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4th of July

This is what our 4th of July consisted of.

I worked all day, then we went to the "big game" to watch Jarv play on the Hurricane team against the LaVerkin team. Hurricane ended up winning the game with Jarv even hitting a homerun in the game! He must be lifting weights... ;) It was fun though; we got to hang out with Code and Cam and her fam while watching the game and fireworks.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Future son

Moke emailed this to me and I love it! I don't have kids yet, but for some reason, I feel like this could be a lot like my future son. It made me laugh really hard so I thought I would share... Thanks Moke!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

What we've been doin...

This past little bit, Jarvy and a friend, Stan, have been working on tiling our Master Bathroom and laundry room. Today, it really started coming together. They basically just need to add the grout in the Master Bathroom and add a few tiles to the laundry room. Here's a little peak at the Master Bathroom.

The last little while, I've been botherin Jarv to go to the movie "Up" with me because I heard that it was really a cute, funny movie. I finally convinced him to take me, along with some friends. So not only did we go to the movie, we went to the 3D "Up" movie! They gave us the sweet goggles and everything! It really was a cute movie, but the goggles made it a bazillion times better! And not to mention, we all look freakin babe-licious in them!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Swine Flu Cruise and a wedding!

We got back from our Cruise this last Thursday and we had a blast! Before we got on the cruise boat, we went to 6 Flags. It was pretty fun, but it was not the ideal time to go... We went on a Saturday so there were a bazillion people, plus it was so stinkin hot outside! We waited at least 2 hours for every ride! We were there from open to close and rode about 6 rides... We did ride some fun rides and got some sun, so it was a fun time anyways.

Then we got on the cruise and had a fun time. There were lots of fun activities on the boat like a game show that I got called to participate in... So... I wasn't so great at it... I got last place... Hey, but they still gave me a medal!

We also had a fun time at Catalina. We rented a golf cart and rode around the island and took some pics. We weren't able to go to Ensenada because of the swine flu. We still sailed down there, and saw the coast... We basically spent 2 days at sea; lots of laying out and naps! I love it!

When we got back from the cruise, we went to Sea World which was my favorite! We went on a Thursday so there wasn't that many people and it was the perfect temperature. It was the best day!

Then we got back to Utah and got ready for Cody and Cam's wedding. Unfortunately, I didn't take pics. But I am really excited for them, and Cam is a great addition to the fam! She looked gorgeous the day of the wedding! It was also good to see Kear and Steve and the girls... Anyways, it was a good conclusion to our vacation.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Softball Sluts

This last weekend, Jarvy and I played in an all night coed softball tournament in Washington. It was really fun; we had a really good time, up until the last game. The team we ended up playing the last game was super intense. Ya know, the kind of team that aims their line drives at people... For example, the game before they played us, one of the guys hit a line drive at the other team's pitcher... who was a girl! And it nearly broke her arm!

Anyways, so we are playing this supe intense, crazy team, with Jarv pitching and I playing 1st base. Then one of the guys hit a hard line drive that hit Jarv in the shoulder. Anyone who plays a lot of slow pitch softball and is really good, knows that you can place your hits. So... this guy hit Jarv on purpose basically. Then after a couple other hits, I get a pretty good hit slammed at me; I didn't think much of it until later when I overheard the guys on their team talking, saying that I was playing too close. Then the guy who hit the ball at me made a comment along the lines of "that's why I just hit where I just did..."

Basically, so what I'm getting at, or venting about, is that why do these guys have to be so crazy about old man softball!? I mean, seriously, I love the competition and playing, but there are men that have taken it to a whole new level! It just makes me sick that to make them feel good, they need to slam line drives at people! I just don't understand it... It also scares me to death that they hit Jarv in the shoulder when that is so close to his face! Scary! I just hate it so much! Dang softball sluts, anways! K... that was my vent sesh.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Tree update!

Yeah, it's true, I'm a crappy blogger! I know you've all been dying to know the status of our tree so I've posted an updated picture. Isn't it gettin so big!? I'm super excited about it.

In the last month, Jarv and I have just been workin and going to school. Jarv is almost done for the semester. Jarv has been eating, drinking, sleeping softball... ya know, the usual... We're playing in a coed tournamant on the 9th in St G and we're pretty excited about it. We don't always get to play in the coed tournaments, so it should be fun.

After he gets done with this semester, we'll be goin on our cruise with Moke and Scott. We are so excited about it! We are leaving May 15th and will get back just in time for Cami and Cody's wedding on the 23rd. I'll definitely be posting some pics of that trip.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our lil tree...

Awhile ago, my fam came down to visit and see our house for the first time, so my dad wanted to bring Jarv and I a house warming gift. He decided to bring us this sweet palm tree lookin thing in a pretty cool pot. On the way down, they drove through a little snow storm. By the time they got to our house, the tree was a little frozen and... dead. I was really ticked about it cuz it was a sweet lookin tree. Jarv cut it from the stump and we've just kinda been keeping it, hoping to either keep the pot or have something else sprout.

Well, the other day, I came home to a little sprout in our pot! I was so stinkin excited! To make it even better, awhile later, another sprout popped up! So we have 2little sprouts that happened to pop up like in the middle of our pot! Needless to say, I most definitely thought that was something to blog about! These are the things that bring joy in my life... haha!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fun-filled weekend!

This weekend was my weekend off, which is something that I always look forward to, whether we have something planned or not. But this weekend, we planned to go to the Parade of Homes with our friends, Daniel and Annie. I had never been, so I was really excited. We spent like 4 hours and saw 4 homes. These are crazy cool homes! One home that we saw was over 15,000 square feet and consisted of a basketball court, racquet ball court, and climbing wall. It was really amazing to me... I think I could seriously get lost in that house. The stairs alone were kicking my butt walking up and down them! (Which is why, I'm guessing, they have an elevator! Yeah, really!) Sorry that I forgot my camera at home, so I don't have any pics.

Later that afternoon, one of my most favorite people, Brittany Donan, came down to do a "Slumber Party" for me. I was a little nervous about how others would be about it, but it was so super fun! I really loved it! And Britt is so stinkin cute that she was able to make it completely fun and not awkward for anyone. I would highly recommend having her do one for you ladies! It was a fun afternoon with just the girls. The boys were kicked out for the afternoon... but I think they were ok with it because they were able to go shooting and "site-in" their guns.

But it was definitely a good weekend off. Now we just get to finish it off by speaking in church tomorrow! ;)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wisdom teeth fun!

So on the 20th, I had the fun time of finally getting my wisdom teeth removed. You better believe that I had all 4 of them and there was absolutely no room in my mouth for any of them. So basically, it's been 2 days and I still look this good... yeah, I know, really sad!

Ya know... at least I could have swollen evenly, but no...

But Jarv has been really good about taking care of me; you'd think he is going to school to be a nurse or something. He is constantly asking when I took my last pill, what was the last thing I ate, and how long I've had my ice packs on. He's been really good; I just really appreciate all that he does for me!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


This weekend, Jarv and I made a quick trip up to Salt Lake to see my cousin Marlayne get married. It was our first time in the SLC temple and I was so excited! It was gorgeous! It was also a crazy day with there being over 70 weddings there that day! But it was so worth it; I just love going to weddings in the temple not only because I love seeing how happy and in love the bride and groom are, but also because it makes me think of my wedding day and the covenants that I made. It also makes me think about how lucky I am to have Jarv; he really is the best thing for me! He compliments me so well! When I am stressin and freakin out, he is just as calm as can be. I always joke that the only thing that gets him excited or nervous or any kind of emotion change is softball or football; he's just really easy going and nothing bothers him.

Anyways, at the wedding, we also got to spend a little bit more time with my fam. I have probably the cutest fam ever! Here's some pics at the temple...

I really have some gorgeous sisters! Seriously...

And the parents that made us all possible! They are the best ever!

Yes, they are posing and yes, I puked just a lil...

I just think Jarv is really cute...

Decorating the house

So we've officially moved into our house. I've never had my own house before that I had to decorate! Jarv is trying to rush me into hanging stuff on the wall and I keep on telling him that I really need to think about it and it isn't something that I can rush into! haha... but really! But anyways, here are some pics of the house and where we are at so far. There's very few things that are hung up; we're workin on it!

This is our little front room area. I told Jarv that all it needs now is a piano! wink wink...

The family room...

Our cute kitchen...

My kitchen colors are that aqua color, brown, and tan. It's kinda crazy and fun how I came about all of my different dishes including some of them coming from a yard sale! Look how cute they all match! I really love my table!

This is probably my favorite room right now! I think it's because it's like the only room that I can officially say is done.

Once I feel better about taking pics of the other rooms, I'll post them. But I was just so excited about what we have done! I wish we had more pics of the 'before' house so then I could show everyone how much work we've really been doing!