Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Wedding Ring!

For those of you that don't know, at the end of 2009, my wedding ring was stolen out of my car at a gas station in Beaver. I know... you are thinking "What the heck was it doing off of my finger?!" Well, the reason is that I don't sleep with my rings on because my hands swell... So we were sleeping at my parents house and just got up and left in the morning. I grabbed my rings and put them in the cubby in the door of the car for the drive back to St G.

So... in Beaver, we stopped to get gas, go to the bathroom, and get some breakfast burritos. When we got back to the car, I had a feeling to check for my ring. It wasn't in the cubby, on the car floor, between the seats, or on the ground outside the car! We asked if they had cameras and they didn't. I was devastated!

Anyway, we filed a police report and took a claim under our Home Owners Insurance. We did get a check to cover some of the ring cost... and then we were in the market for a wedding ring... again...

We have been working with the same place where I got my first ring to get a new one. Well, the other day I got it and am super excited! I love it!

Missing: Could be found in Beaver?

Bless my husband Jarvy for all his patience with me! He was such a sweetheart throughout the whole ordeal!