Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our lil tree...

Awhile ago, my fam came down to visit and see our house for the first time, so my dad wanted to bring Jarv and I a house warming gift. He decided to bring us this sweet palm tree lookin thing in a pretty cool pot. On the way down, they drove through a little snow storm. By the time they got to our house, the tree was a little frozen and... dead. I was really ticked about it cuz it was a sweet lookin tree. Jarv cut it from the stump and we've just kinda been keeping it, hoping to either keep the pot or have something else sprout.

Well, the other day, I came home to a little sprout in our pot! I was so stinkin excited! To make it even better, awhile later, another sprout popped up! So we have 2little sprouts that happened to pop up like in the middle of our pot! Needless to say, I most definitely thought that was something to blog about! These are the things that bring joy in my life... haha!