Monday, April 27, 2009

Tree update!

Yeah, it's true, I'm a crappy blogger! I know you've all been dying to know the status of our tree so I've posted an updated picture. Isn't it gettin so big!? I'm super excited about it.

In the last month, Jarv and I have just been workin and going to school. Jarv is almost done for the semester. Jarv has been eating, drinking, sleeping softball... ya know, the usual... We're playing in a coed tournamant on the 9th in St G and we're pretty excited about it. We don't always get to play in the coed tournaments, so it should be fun.

After he gets done with this semester, we'll be goin on our cruise with Moke and Scott. We are so excited about it! We are leaving May 15th and will get back just in time for Cami and Cody's wedding on the 23rd. I'll definitely be posting some pics of that trip.