Wednesday, October 22, 2008

For real home owners now!

So just yesterday, Jarv and I found out that we are home owners! It's kinda a crazy story too...

So we had bid on the house in Coral Canyon that we had mentioned in a recent post. Things were looking pretty good for us getting that house, but it was on a short sale and was taking forever! So we started looking around at other houses. We found this other house last Tuesday that we really liked, and even better, it wasn't on a short sale! It needs work, but it has a lot more potential to be a super cute house. Anyways, so we put in a bid on the house that same day.

On Thursday, we found out that at the last minute, someone had put a bid in for cash! Yeah, I know, I couldn't believe it... So today we thought that we hadn't gotten the house and weren't hoping for anything. But then, we got a call today telling us that the cash deal had fallen through so the bank decided to sell it to us! We are so excited! This is it... like I said, it'll need some love; the yard is like completely dead. That tends to happen when no one has lived there for 5 months. I'm kinda diggin the palm tree though.

Isn't that front window so cute?! I loved that! The entrance way and throughout the house has hardwood floors. The paint inside right now is like mint green -yeah, I know; that'll be fixed immediately!- When we move in, we'll have to have a party for everyone to see. But really, we are so excited!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just for Moke...

I am...............Mandi, Mand, Mandi-Pandi, Mandi-Candy, Special Sweetheart (that was my Grandpa's name for me... and wierdly enough, Jarv calls me that without even knowing that was what my Grandpa called me)

I want...........To know my job! I'm tired of being on the learning curve!

I have...........a really great life; I look back on things and am really blessed... I have a really great fam with super great in-laws; I really lucked out with that one.

I wish...........We could find a house that we both agree on and that is in our price range.

I hate...........That I constantly feel unconfident and inadaquate at my job, but my boss keeps on telling me that I'm doing great.

I fear............That I'll lose this job and that we won't be able to get this house!

I hear...........some crazy crap from applicants and employees at work! Just because I'm HR doesn't mean that people should tell me some of the things that they do!

I always.......get ready for the day even if I have absolutely nothing going on for the day; it makes me feel better about myself.

I miss..........being little and not having to have a career.

I love...........Jarv, softball, and combining both of those is the best thing ever!

I never........wash the outside of my car; I think it's a pain in the butt and lots of times, Jarv ends up doing it cuz it drives him crazy!

I on time to work! This is a huge prob that I really need to work on!

I cry............because of stress! But also in movies... and books... and TV shows... I'm ridiculous!

I am not always..........a sweetheart & the nicest person ever, despite what everyone thinks at work.

I I just lose it sometimes. Like right now, I think I'm slowly falling to pieces.

I am confused............why Jarv married me; I've seen his exes...

I let Jarv know more how much I appreciate him and all that he does; he really is great.

I folding laundry.

I dream..............about having a house, Jarv finishing school, and being able to be stress free (does that ever happen?)!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I'd just like to vent for a lil bit... So, as you know, I started a new job as the HR Manager at Target at the beginning of September. I really like it; it encompasses all the things in HR that I wanted to be doing. It keeps me super busy; I have over 130 employees and they keep me hoppin with schedules, time off, etc.

Another part of my job is closing one night a week and being the only manager on duty. Can I just say that this stresses me out beyond belief!? I'm a wreck the whole night, while still trying to be completely nice and friendly with the employees... Then, even after the building is closed and the alarm system is up, I stress about it the whole drive home and then I can't sleep at night! I am going crazy! So if anyone has any good ideas as to how I can relax and wind down, then that would be fabulous! It would be great for my sake... and poor Jarv's sake.