Monday, May 25, 2009

Swine Flu Cruise and a wedding!

We got back from our Cruise this last Thursday and we had a blast! Before we got on the cruise boat, we went to 6 Flags. It was pretty fun, but it was not the ideal time to go... We went on a Saturday so there were a bazillion people, plus it was so stinkin hot outside! We waited at least 2 hours for every ride! We were there from open to close and rode about 6 rides... We did ride some fun rides and got some sun, so it was a fun time anyways.

Then we got on the cruise and had a fun time. There were lots of fun activities on the boat like a game show that I got called to participate in... So... I wasn't so great at it... I got last place... Hey, but they still gave me a medal!

We also had a fun time at Catalina. We rented a golf cart and rode around the island and took some pics. We weren't able to go to Ensenada because of the swine flu. We still sailed down there, and saw the coast... We basically spent 2 days at sea; lots of laying out and naps! I love it!

When we got back from the cruise, we went to Sea World which was my favorite! We went on a Thursday so there wasn't that many people and it was the perfect temperature. It was the best day!

Then we got back to Utah and got ready for Cody and Cam's wedding. Unfortunately, I didn't take pics. But I am really excited for them, and Cam is a great addition to the fam! She looked gorgeous the day of the wedding! It was also good to see Kear and Steve and the girls... Anyways, it was a good conclusion to our vacation.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Softball Sluts

This last weekend, Jarvy and I played in an all night coed softball tournament in Washington. It was really fun; we had a really good time, up until the last game. The team we ended up playing the last game was super intense. Ya know, the kind of team that aims their line drives at people... For example, the game before they played us, one of the guys hit a line drive at the other team's pitcher... who was a girl! And it nearly broke her arm!

Anyways, so we are playing this supe intense, crazy team, with Jarv pitching and I playing 1st base. Then one of the guys hit a hard line drive that hit Jarv in the shoulder. Anyone who plays a lot of slow pitch softball and is really good, knows that you can place your hits. So... this guy hit Jarv on purpose basically. Then after a couple other hits, I get a pretty good hit slammed at me; I didn't think much of it until later when I overheard the guys on their team talking, saying that I was playing too close. Then the guy who hit the ball at me made a comment along the lines of "that's why I just hit where I just did..."

Basically, so what I'm getting at, or venting about, is that why do these guys have to be so crazy about old man softball!? I mean, seriously, I love the competition and playing, but there are men that have taken it to a whole new level! It just makes me sick that to make them feel good, they need to slam line drives at people! I just don't understand it... It also scares me to death that they hit Jarv in the shoulder when that is so close to his face! Scary! I just hate it so much! Dang softball sluts, anways! K... that was my vent sesh.