Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas has past and Jarvy and I had a good one. We got to spend Christmas with our nieces so that made it extra fun! We aren't very good about taking our camera anywhere so we didn't get any pictures of them...

Christmas Eve, we met the fam at the temple to see the Christmas lights and look at the nativity. We then had a really nice dinner at Jill's house. Christmas morning consisted of princess dress-ups, princess shoes, tinkerball movies, and tinkerbell panties! Jarvy and I filled each others stockings... Jarvy got his own Cutco hunting knife so now he can finally give his Dad's back! Jarvy got me a couple pairs of Modbe pants that I have been wanting, as well as a new garbage disposal! Only those who have used our old one truly understand what a huge improvement this will be in our house! Who knew one could be so excited about a garbage disposal?! Mark and Jill got us a doorknob for our house that isn't the ugly gold we have now... I am so excited to put it in!

Next weekend, I have work off and my fam will be back from Mexico, so we will be going to Huntington to celebrate Christmas with them. So I'm excited about that and to see them.

I'm so proud of these stockings... My Aunt Evone made mine when I was little and I love it! Monica and I decided we wanted to make one for our spouses and, one day, our kids. So I started making Jarvy's, then my Mom finished it for me. But I absolutely love it!

Jill hand painted this nativity for us one of the first Christmases we were married and this is the first year we could actually display it! I really love it lots!

Merry Christmas!


Misty, Nate, & Addy said...

Sounds like a great Christmas for you guys! And way to go on the stockings. They look great! I wish we could have seen you over Christmas, but we'll have to try to get together soon... it's crazy how little time we have left before we leave Utah and I want to see you before we go! Love you and have a Happy New Year!!!

Annie said...

I love these Christmas pictures. We saw a lot of Tinkerbell toys on Christmas too!